Ruey Chyi

Injection Mold & Molding Manufacturer

Custom Mold Maker Since 1983

  • 1983: Established year
  • 1983  Mold making factory in Taiwan Taichung
  • 1992: Established plastic Injection Molding Department
  • 1993: Led in CAD computer System
  • 1997: Moved the factory to Taiwan Chung Hua
  • 1998: Expend 2 Injection Molding Machines (120 tons and 250 tons)
  • 2008: Expend 2 Injection Molding Machines (180 tons and 220 tons)
  • 2010: Expend 1 Injection Molding Machines (140 tons)
  • 2013: Updated 2 Injection Molding Machines (120 tons and 160 tons)
  • 2013: Expend Packing department and warehouse
  • 2014: Established New Brand “Happy Summer” (Misting System Kit)

Ruey Chyi Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd., Located in Taiwan, established in 1983. We are a professional plastic product , plastic injection molding supplier and plastic injection mold manufacture. We Produce and sell all kinds of injection plastic goods.

In 1993, we led in CAD SYSTEM. In order to improve our product quality, mold precision and accelerate R&D and manufacturing process, we will provide products 3D / 2D module for customers to see the appearance, size and function. The mold uses the 3D module to simulate the mold assembly,  producing action and mold flow analysis.

We have a complete design team, coupled with good quality satellite factory manufacturers. It can make your product more perfect.

Our Core Value

Ruey Chyi is willing to use our technology and advantages to help our customers to quickly expand product lines, and let the customer’s ideas can become the actual products.

At Ruey Chyi, we always adhere to the following principles:

  • To satisfy customer demand of a variety of products
  • Use the best cost to produce the best quality
  • Adhere to high quality and high efficiency
  • Continuous updating of production technology and equipments

Why Ruey Chyi?

Ruey Chyi Provides full services during your new products developing.

Full services include the following services:

  • Product design (If there is no R&D in your company)
  • Injection Mold Making (We have complete equipments)
  • Plastic Injection Molding (If you don’t have mass product partners)
  • Assembly and Packing (Wanna to save your time, just contact us)
  • Secondary Operations (We have good quality satellite factory manufacturers)

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