Ruey Chyi

Injection Mold & Molding Manufacturer

Strong ability of product design

  • Communication

Ruey Chyi attaches importance to the  demands of our clients. Before beginning a new project, we will spend a few time discussing the new project with customers deeply.

Discussing direction:

  1. Main functions (Solving what kind problems)
  2. Main features (Outside looks, Quality demand, Secondary operations)
  3. Mass production demand
  4. Cost control
  5. Other demands
Building this foundation before hitting the drawing board ensures we develop designs that represent the best version of your product vision. Our industrial designers and engineers collaborate to produce a design that is both sellable and manufacturable.
  • Suggestion

According to your demands our industrial designers and engineers will collaborate to produce a solution of your products. To ensures that your product vision is the best version. Make your design sellable and manufacturable. Our entire team will be your partner throughout the design phase, keeping your vision at the core of our thinking.
  • Drawing

If you only have a sketch, don’t worry about it. Our design team are good at drawing. 2D and 3D drawing are all our professional job. With years of knowledge and hands on experience, our designers generate concepts that include not only winning aesthetics, but also successful function. A concept design isn’t just a sketch, it’s the blueprint for your product. >>>Ready to get started<<<
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