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A New brand “Happy Summer”

Happy Summer, it means you can feel happy in hot days by using Happy Summer outdoor misting system kits.

So we have a slogan ” Happy  summer, Happy day!“.

Someday, Mr. Kevin Lee (CEO of Ruey Chyi), he was surverying the industrial mist fans. Suddenly, he has a special idea for mist fan. In the market there are a lot of industrial mist fans, but we can’t see family use mist fans (it is different with a humidifier). Because the industrial mist fan is very expensive and too big for family use. You can only use it for big area. And he decide to design a new type of mist fan. It can fit any size fan of family and DIY easily.

In order to reach this goal, Ruey Chyi design group spent a lot of time to design and draw the sketch of misting machine. At last, we choose the windmill shape. Because windmill means happiness. The windmill sails rotating means the happiness is coming. We hope we can bring happiness to every familly.

A New Type Misting Machine

We called it “Windmill Misting Machine” Function: Cooling Air / Humidification / Dust Suppression / Odor Controling Application:
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